3 Reasons to choose 3D



For each type of communication medium, your service providers will charge you for (sometimes hidden) costs:
- Equipment
- Staging
- Equipment settings and tests
- Travel
- ...

In 3D, it's much simpler and much faster.
A computer is all you need, the settings are made 1x to generate all the media you need. (Images, video, 360°, AR, VR, 3D printing and more).


  • The interactive 3D window display is similar to the customer experience in a physical shop and will differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Attractive images and your products are more prominently displayed.
  • An environment around your products in which your customers can easily project themselves.
  • Reinforce your brand image without creative limits.


The use of cryptomats and the .exr format, allows you to modify at any time, even months later, the background, the colour or even to add effects in 3 clicks.

This reduces the cost of image retouching, increases the speed of production and frees up your creativity to make your visuals even more commercial.

A real asset that your teams can also easily take over.

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Easier and cheaper

They trusted me to create 3D content.

Jacques Walger
Jacques Walger
Sales & Marketing Director at XtremeMac
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Martin is highly professional with great passion and dedication for his work. He's flexible, quickly understood what our needs are, and delivered all projects meeting the agreed deadlines. We'll definitely do more works together, and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of high-quality 3D product pictures!
David Charbit
David Charbit
Business Development Manager at Pointer Europe
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Martin is the perfect person for all your creative contents. His 3D are just fabulous, gives an amazing boost to your website and product pages.
Akexandre Fleury
Akexandre Fleury
Product Manager - Onyx Group
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We enjoyed our collaboration with Martin and would use his services again without any hesitation. Martin was able to explain to us with passion and precision the intricacies of 3D (modeling and rendering) in order to find the right compromise between what we expected and what was feasible for our budget.
Alexandre Pigeard
Alexandre Pigeard
Concept Merchandiser - Decathlon United
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I recommend Martin for the quality of his work in modelling, taking into account the brief and the very well respected timing. A pleasure to work in these conditions
Stéphane Berzin
Stéphane Berzin
IS CAD Engineer - Decathlon IT
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Martin is a pleasant and educational person. He masters the tools of 3D computer graphics and the generation of video and pseudo-immersive 3D environments: the software, but also the hardware resource requirements necessary to be efficient. Martin has delivered projects for management under tight deadlines, with an impressive quality of result. Indeed, he knows his limits and the motivating factors and he is a good coach to evolve in sustainable performance, in the field of 3D Design and surely more.
Caroline Halle
Caroline Halle
Project management in business creation and development
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What can I say about the project with Martin? That everything was fluid and incredibly simple. With him, everything is clear and precise. Martin questions the need, clarifies it, explains precisely what can be done (cost, time, ....). From a simple photo, Martin created a 3D model with incredible precision.

Visuals for marketplaces and e-commerce sites.

AR & VR compatible interactive 360° product configurator.

Product videos that combine live action and 3D rendering.

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